In the Gallery January 4 - March 8

Janine DeCresenzo, Sarah Gutwirth, WIlliam J.Timmins


Meet the Artists Reception

Thursday, January 18, 5-7pm, FREE

The Gallery Committee is excited to announce the next art exhibition at the Clubhouse. Join us for a very special exhibit of work by these brilliant local artists. Please plan to visit the exhibition during Club hours and join us at the Artists’ Opening Reception to experience the extraordinary creativity of these artists. Light refreshments will be served. 

The Artists’ Opening Reception will be held Thursday, January 18, 5-7pm. Members and artists are encouraged to invite friends and guests.  Mark your calendars for these exciting and stimulating exhibits! Cosmopolitan Club Members and their Guests, Artists and their Patrons are most welcome to attend. 

Club members and their guests can 
Artists and their guests can REGISTER HERE.

Guests can email Reservations to make arrangements to view the exhibit during Club hours.

Janine DeCresenzo: The sea's delicate whispers meet bold declarations of urban life

Janine DeCresenzo harmoniously blends urban sophistication with natural beauty. In my designs, I find equilibrium within asymmetry, seamlessly merging organic elements with an industrial twist. The boundaries between masculine and feminine blur, revealing strength with a delicate touch. Each piece I craft is a tribute to old-world techniques, ensuring they stand the test of time, becoming heirlooms.

My deep connection to aquatic life inspires me. I find my true self near the water, and my jewelry reflects this bond. I incorporate vintage coral and abalone, giving them new life.
Metalwork is at the heart of my craft. I shape silver and gold sheets into lightweight, hollow structures, incorporating intricate Ajouré elements through openwork pierced patterns. I use both traditional hand tools and modern machining tools to create enduring, artful jewelry.

As a jewelry artist based in Philadelphia, with roots in Staten Island, New York, I've honed my skills through formal education and residencies, ultimately founding Janine DeCresenzo Jewelry in 2006.

Sarah Gutwirth: Evoking the beauty of knowledge and its ever-evolving nature

Sarah Gutwirth's artistic journey is a testament to her lifelong commitment to exploring the intricate tapestry of art, ideas, and the natural world. With a rich academic background, Gutwirth earned her  BA in art from Reed College and her BFA at the Pacific Northwest College of Art in 1978, followed by an MFA from Pratt Institute in 1985. Notably, she was nominated for the Joan Mitchell Prize for Painting in 2017 and received grants from various institutions.

Over three decades, Gutwirth has shown her paintings in several states and her pieces are part of a number of collections, both at universities and in private settings. She boasts a distinguished teaching career, inspiring countless students, while sharing her artistic insights in the United States and abroad.

Gutwirth's art embraces a fascination with the interconnectedness of the world. Her paintings are like windows into the history of ideas, revealing hidden links between nature and human creativity. Through her work, she echoes the timeless human pursuit of understanding the world by decoding relationships and categorizations, reminiscent of both the 18th-century sciences and modern scientific systems.

Bill Timmins: Capturing beauty and personal joy through abstract expression

Bill Timmins, a graduate of Temple University Boyer College of Music, began his creative journey with a deep devotion to music. However, his fascination with the art world blossomed in his twenties as he immersed himself in the works of the masters, leading him to transition from music to painting.

Bill's artistic voyage has been marked by his participation in numerous group exhibitions across the tri-state area. Since 2018, he has showcased his artistic talents through six solo exhibitions, with his most recent presentation at the Boston Street Gallery in October 2023.

Bill’s art seeks to resonate with the universal love for beauty that unites humanity. He believes that beauty has the transformative power to bring people together, fostering unity among diverse communities. In his work, he strives to capture this beauty and personal joy through abstract expression. He utilizes elements such as color, shape, texture, mark making, and space to convey the beauty that surrounds us, often concealed in the most unexpected places. He invites each viewer to interpret these images through their own unique perspective, letting beauty touch their lives in their own special way.