In the Gallery May 22 - July 25

Christopher Buonomo, Daina Higgins, Demetra Tassiou


Meet the Artists Reception

Thursday, May 30, 5-7pm, FREE

The Gallery Committee is excited to announce the next art exhibition at the Clubhouse. Join us for a very special exhibit of work by these brilliant local artists. Please plan to visit the exhibition during Club hours and join us at the Artists’ Opening Reception to experience the extraordinary creativity of these artists. Light refreshments will be served. 

Cosmopolitan Club Members and their Guests, Artists and their Patrons are most welcome to attend. 

Club members and their guests can 
Artists and their guests can REGISTER HERE.

Guests can email Reservations to make arrangements to view the exhibit during Club hours.


Christopher Buonomo: Art as an extension of the artist

As a sculptor, painter, and multi-medium artist, I draw inspiration from an unyielding passion for creation and a relentless pursuit of beauty. Shaped by a BFA in Sculpture from the University of the Arts, my artistic journey led me to Prague, where I apprenticed under a master stone carver, becoming the sole American to contribute stone carvings to Prague's architectural landscape.

For three transformative years, I meticulously carved both architectural and sculptural pieces, forging an intimate bond with my materials. This hands-on approach, eschewing power tools, allows me to commune with wood and stone, fostering a unique connection evident in each creation. My artistic repertoire extends beyond sculpture to encompass painting, drawing, and metal fabrication, offering diverse channels for creative expression.

As the Managing Director of the Rittenhouse Square Fine Art Association, I contribute to the vibrant arts scene in Philadelphia. My artwork, showcased in private collections across the United States and numerous galleries, reflects my commitment to artistic evolution and celebrates the rich artistic history of Philadelphia. Join me in exploring the profound connection between creator and creation, as I continue to weave my narrative into the tapestry of the city's artistic legacy.

Daina Higgins: Visual and cultural identity of the city

Daina Higgins is a painter whose work has focused on place. She is interested in the visual and cultural identity of urban sites in the American Northeast and her emotional and perceptual responses to these specific places. Higgins employs a wide variety of materials and techniques including spray paint, oil paint, acrylic, and gouache. This show is exclusively Daina’s Ridge Avenue Series, she focused on the historic road in Northwest Philadelphia on the eve of tremendous change.

Higgins’ work has been exhibited nationally in New York, Columbus, Philadelphia, Boston, and Los Angeles. Her work has been featured in sixteen solo exhibitions since 2005. She has been featured in various publications including The New York Times, The Brooklyn Rail, ArtNews, The Village Voice, and Create Magazine.

Higgins has been awarded numerous grants and prizes including the prestigious Joan Mitchell Foundation MFA Grant, three grants from The Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation, The Artist’s Fellowship Grant, and the Silas H. Rhodes Merit Scholarship to attend The School of Visual Arts, where she earned her BFA in 2001. Her work is in the public collections of the Columbus Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania Convention

Demetra Tassiou: Echoing the rhythmic cadence of the natural world

In my artistic journey, I have been captivated by the primal forces that shape our existence – the solid earth, the boundless sea, and the ever-shifting canvas of the sky above. Within my compositions, I invite viewers to immerse themselves in abstract and organic realms that echo the rhythmic cadence of the natural world.

The shapes I employ carry an innate organic quality.  Like the earth, sea, and sky, my art possesses the ability to reconfigure and harmonize with diverse spaces. I embrace the act of deconstruction and reconstruction, tearing apart and repositioning elements from prior works – a symbolic dance of reinvention that mirrors the perpetual cycle of discovery.

Awards from UPENN Scholarship and the juried Philadelphia Sketch Club highlight my dedication to advancing my skills, while the recognition from the University of Fine Arts in Athens, Greece, underlines my early achievements and commitment to artistic exploration.
While I have exhibited since 2009, recent showings at MCGOPA Group Show at Beaumont Community Center Gallery, the Artists and Friends Group Show at 3rd Street Gallery, and the exhibition at Salus University in Philadelphia mark significant moments where my work engages with diverse audiences. Each exhibit is an opportunity to connect, inspire, and contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the artistic community.