The library hosts a special collection of books that reflects the history and continuing identity of the Club as an association of intellectually curious women.  Our member-authors section documents the depth and breadth of our membership over the years; 48 members are represented by everything from poetry to scholarly medical volumes, and we continue to collect our members’ work.

Other collections of significance to the Club include volumes on Philadelphia history, art, architecture and design, especially Art Deco, and biographies of women. These specialty areas grow through member donations. A section of books read by our book clubs and donated by members functions as a book exchange.  Members are free to take these books home with no check-out or need for return.

From time to time there are displays on the shelves representing works in the collection and photos of Club presidents and authors. Honoring our origins, some of our historically significant documents are on display; our Charter signed by the founders, our cherished bookplate designed by member Violet Oakley, and architectural drawings of the Clubhouse.

The library is at the heart of who we are, hosting many of our social and governance activities. It is where numerous book clubs meet and most committees convene. Small private lunches are hosted here and large dinner programs overflow into the space. It is central to both our history and our continuing vitality as a Club.